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Hydrogen Gas Burner Development

Hy4heat proved that hydrogen can be the fuel for domestic and commercial appliances.

It has an energy coefficient broadly the same as natural gas, but requiring some three times the volume to deliver that gas.

The higher flow speed requires burner and controls to be sensitive to this, which has been proved not to be an issue.

Hydrogen perceived by many pundits to have little or no flame colour is now proven to not be the case with burner design particularly important, and CBS gas burners in fires have a warm and colourfull dancing flame, meeting the purchasing criteria for appliance users.

Low NOx and efficiency, long been an issue with fires in particular, solved, and glass fronted balanced flue fires measuring 14.3 mg of NOx within a standard of 130mg.

Delayed ignition tests in the new standard pas4444 for hydrogen, passed, with CBS open and glass fronted fires all meeting the new standard without resorting to expensive and additional extraction fines built into the flue system.

Commercial and industrial applications for hydrogen burners all currently being dealt with by CBS in a new test facility at Livingston.

Burners from 300kw up to 2mgw designed by the University of Leeds, built by CBS in a new factory in rugby, are proving a success in using 100% hydrogen, opening the market for commercial process application requirements.

Hydrogen blends of up to 20-30% can be used with little change to current NG equipment, but beyond that ratio and up to 100% pure hydrogen, special burners and controls are necessary.