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Who we are

With over 30 years industry experience in leading gas component companies in Europe and the US, we combine our knowledge and expertise to consult and manufacture gas burners for companies and projects across the globe.


Burner development and Sales
for Domestic, Commercial and
Industrial Appliances.


Research and design of Gasifiers 
so that if you don’t have access
to the national grid, we will bring clean energy to you.


Cutting edge research with our partners, working on  burner
and appliance development.

Working to combat climate change



The world is rapidly moving forward from recognising the effects of climate change, to developing ways to combat it.

Domestic and commercial heating are one of the principal users of energy and therefore an important producer of Co2 emissions and Nox.

Scientific debate and the vast amount of research in the last few years indicates that the use of Hydrogen gas to replace Natural Gas is a great option.

Ways to produce Hydrogen, transport it, run it through a domestic grid are well advanced in technology and practicality.

There are plans to convert entire village locations in both the UK and Europe to using hydrogen for current energy needs, heating, cooking and visual ambience from the latest generation of living flame gas fires.

Scientists confirm that the WOBBE index defining the interchangeability of fuel gases indicates a similar measurement for Hydrogen and Natural gas.