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The world is rapidly moving forward from recognising the effects of climate change, to developing ways to combat it.

Domestic and commercial heating are one of the principal users of energy and therefore an important producer of Co2 emissions and Nox.

Scientific debate and the vast amount of research in the last few years indicates that the use of Hydrogen gas to replace Natural Gas is a great option.

Ways to produce Hydrogen, transport it, run it through a domestic grid are well advanced in technology and practicality.

There are plans to convert entire village locations in both the UK and Europe to using hydrogen for current energy needs, heating, cooking and visual ambiance from the latest generation of living flame gas fires.

Scientists confirm that the WOBBE index defining the interchangeability of fuel gases indicates a similar measurement for Hydrogen and Natural gas.

This Wobbe Index link means that gas appliances can be engineered to run on both gases giving a dual fuel option and a potentially seamless move to hydrogen fuelled appliances as the gas becomes available for domestic and commercial use.

Upwards of 21 million homes in the UK alone (HMG statistic) are connected to the gas grid, a huge investment that has been consistently upgraded over recent years.

Dual Fuel / Hydrogen ready gas appliances are then presented with a massive market that can be approached within the very near future giving both a boost to the appliance industry, and a major step forward in combatting the effects of climate change.

Thermal Technologies Ltd are leaders in this developing hydrogen gas appliance market, having been associated with gas burner design and manufacture for over 30 years, and now leading major government contracts to develop hydrogen burning appliances.

Thermal Technologies work with our partners Clean Burner Systems Ltd, and Professor Gordon Andrews of the University of Leeds, a leading advisor on Hydrogen gas appliances for many years.

Together we can provide answers, designs and products to help industry combat climate change.