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Thermal Technologies Ltd, working with Clean Burner Systems Ltd… based in the UK for 30 years and one of Europes leading gas burners manufacturers on the design and sale of gas burners.

Products include Natural gas burners with flame ports of Fecralloy woven metal fibre, producing the most effective and reliable gas flame combustion with low NoxThe metal fibre provides both homogenous combustion and resistance to thermal corrosion…. a perfect outcome. CBS design and produce different sizes and shapes of burners, dependant on our customer’s appliance needs.

We specialise in natural gas burners for domestic, industrial and commercial gas appliances, however with a view to the future development of our products and services in a changing world, we are working on Hydrogen, Dual Fuel andBiomas Gasification systems with our research partners. As we look to be more innovative and more effective in the way our planet uses its scarce resources.